Football Predictions

| 16.12.2020
Football Predictions

Football Predictions

People have always been so fascinated by finding out the outcome of events in the future. Some they try to predict the outcome of all kinds of things from politics, to personal events, to the end of the world. Finally, we us also try to make football predictions.

As football is the most-watched and the most followed sport in humanity's history, it is understandable why knowing future football occurrences would be useful. Some previous personalities have been very popular for making football predictions. One unconventional predictor was the octopus Paul that made successful predictions at the 2010 world cup, sealing his oracle status. And since the death of the beloved octopus, punters have looked eagerly for his replacement.

Football predictions website

Why are Football Predictions Important?

For anyone interested in gambling on football games and tournaments, successfully anticipating games is very key to making any successful bets. Football and sports betting, in general, is an industry worth billions of dollars. So accurate predictions will basically serve as a treasure map that leads to hidden treasure chests of unimaginable riches.

What are Football Odds?

Predictions that are advisable to follow are those that are backed by actual numbers. This is important because football and football betting is a thing of numbers. In sports betting sites, events that you can bet on are represented with numbers called odds.

These odds are usually decimals and represent how likely it is that an event will occur. The smaller the number, the higher the probability of that event happening. And the higher the number, the lower the probability of its occurrence. For example, Team A is playing Team B, and they have been assigned respective odds of 1.43 and 5.30 by the bookmakers. This means you have a higher chance of winning if you stake on Team A to win the game.

These odds are generated by bookmakers. The bookmakers utilize a large number of standards to arrive at these odds. Some of these standards include;

  • A recent form of the team or of a player in question
  • History against the opponent
  • Quality of the players in the team
  • Extra statistics and numbers that indirectly influence the outcome
  • Expert opinions, etc.

Football betting odds

The bookmakers calculate the odds. They adjust it to yield them a profit for themselves when bets are placed on the event irrespective of the outcome. This is important because many bettors do not know that the bookmakers they wager at have an in-built advantage for every bet placed.

Which Football Predictions are Important

As the bookmakers take a statistical approach to build up the odds that we play with, it is only reasonable that any punter also uses the same approach to break down those odds in a wager. The team or player's history, the current form, statistics surrounding events, and expert opinions are necessary to even have a chance at the right prediction.

One might wonder, "since the odds are already calculated using these metrics, and since they show the likelihood of an event, why not use only the bookmakers' odds as a gambling guide?" And to some extent, it is true that looking for smaller odds, especially in single bets, is the best way to make wins. But this is not completely true. And although it is tempting to ignore the stressful steps of digging into stats to predict a game, there is a way around this.

Several beautiful game lovers have gone ahead and created sites where gamblers can get their football predictions based on football statistics and expert opinions. These football predictions sites are a better option than using odds as a gambling guide. This is because any oversight made during the calculation of the odds will be accounted for. Oversights include the coaches' capability against each other, or special talismanic players, and so on.

Nigeriapredictions is the best football prediction site out there. This is simply because of their attention to detail in the calculation of their predictions. The wide variety of options they cover from straight bets to over and under, and so much more.

Important of football prediction website

How To Use Football Predictions

Even the great Octopus Paul, considered one of the greatest oracles for sports predictions, got 2 out of 14 predictions wrong at the end of the day. This is important because stacking so many games on one ticket will increase the odds and reduce the likelihood of winning a bet.

Therefore, it is safer to make use of mostly single selection bet slips. And in the case where a multiple selections bet slip is used, make sure not to have too many choices on it.

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