How to fill out a Betslip Properly when placing wagers

| 28.10.2020
How to fill out a Betslip Properly when placing wagers

This article will help you fill out your betslip properly, and it will tell you how you can find the best football predictions using

Using a Betslip to Place Your Wager on Football

For experienced gamblers, there are some aspects of placing a wager that is second nature now. This includes the betslip. They fully understand how to fill this out to place a wager, but some are not well-versed. This can lead to confusion, but it can also lead to a serious issue with pride. Some refuse to admit that they do not know how to properly fill out the betslip, which can create problems later on.

When You Need to or Want to Bet Offline

While we live in a technological age, some prefer the old-school method. They work with a bookmaker, placing wagers by turning in the slip. This is where filling out that slip correctly and knowing how to do so is imperative.

Betslip screenshot

First off, a definition for you. A betslip is the piece of paper you use to turn in your wager. You may find that some betslips are rather sophisticated, like the one to the right. It provides you with a detailed list of information that you check off or mark to place your wager.

However, many bookmakers do not require this level of formality. They are entirely satisfied with a slip of paper being turned into them that tells the amount wagered, who or what you are wagering on, and your personal information. This makes the process extremely easy. 

Online betslips are easy to fill out. The betslip is filled out much in the same way you would fill out any kind of form online, where you check the appropriate box, enter values as needed, and fill out forms according to the guidelines set by the website.

Betslip screenshot

A good website will not only offer you an easy betslip to fill out, like the one seen above. Still, it will also allow you to print out or email yourself a copy of each wager placed. This gives you a record of your wager, ensuring you have placed the right wager and that you receive the appropriate compensation should you win.

Getting It Right

No matter what you must fill out to turn in your wager, understand that it is important that you fill it out correctly. You may find that working with a bookmaker that requires a more formal sheet is the way to go. This betting slip leaves little room for ambiguity or argument about what you placed a wager on and how much that wager was for. 

This helps protect you and your wager. The last thing you want is to fill in your own betting slip, and your writing is illegible enough to where the bookmaker can argue about the outcome. Choosing a bookmaker that offers a formal betslip may be the best option for you.

As an important note, when completing your betslip online, make sure that you have clicked the submit button and that you are informed that the transaction took place. If you have done everything right, but that bet was not properly submitted, it did not count. This is where the ability to print out a copy of the wager or receive an email will ensure that the bet was properly placed.

Get Some Help if Confused

One thing we want to advise you to do is to seek help if you are confused in any way. Suppose this slip is not properly explained, or something looks odd to you. In that case, most of these websites will provide a frequently asked questions section or offer customer support to help you place your wager or understand the process more fully.

We cannot stress to you enough the importance of fully understanding the wager you made before you make it. If you have any confusion about the site or terms that are used, then ask. The last thing you want to have happened is you think you are a winner, but your misunderstanding of the bet you made causes you to lose.

Getting Help in Other Ways 

Filling out your betslip, the right way is essential. However, making the right bet is important as well. When placing a wager on any football match, it is important to make sure that you have done your research to be a winner.

You can help yourself by finding a prediction site that can help you in making more accurate predictions. This is where can be of great help to you.

 Ghana prediction screenshot

This website has done all the work for you. They have combed through and recorded the results of thousands of football matches from across the globe, added information about player statistics and injuries, and have developed algorithms that process all that information to provide a series of predictions about every major soccer event's outcomes on the planet.

So, How Good Are They?

One of the most common things you will read from prediction sites is that they will swear to you that they provide "guaranteed" results or have a “sure thing.” However, their “sure thing” is only accurate about 55% of the time it best.

What separates from these other football prediction sites is that they do not make any bold claims. They let their results speak for themselves.

To prove they provide accurate football predictions, allows customers to try out the website for free, comparing the outcomes of games with their predictions. They want you to see that you were going to get an accurate prediction better than 80% of the time, far better than you would find anyplace else.

This is really the first step in filling out your betslip correctly. By getting quality predictions that will help you be a winner far more often than not, you can fill out your slip with the projection to help you be a winner. Now that you understand how to properly fill out the betslip, doesn't it make sense to make sure you are filling out a winner?

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