Top 5 most popular sports news sites in Ghana

| 09.09.2020
Top 5 most popular sports news sites in Ghana

There are several thousands of Ghanaian websites you’ll find online today. These websites cover different niches and serve different purposes. Many Ghanaian websites deal with sports. While some are just general sites that have sections for sports and other news, some are dedicated to sports like Tribal Football. These sports dedicated sites experience massive traffic as Ghana is a sports-loving country.

There are also general sports websites and some dedicated to a particular sport like football or Basketball. We will talk about the top sports news sites in this article. But before we do that, let’s see which sports are the most popular in Ghana.

Most popular sports in Ghana

Ghana, as a country, has a deep love for sports. Before its independence, the National Sports Authority (NSA) had already been established in the country. This agency promotes, manages, develops, and regulates all country sports activities, be it professional or amateur. The Agency regulates about 45 different sports associations and federations. It also manages all national teams that compete internationally and locally. The most popular sports types in the country are Football, Boxing, Tennis, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Table Tennis, Golf, Rugby, and Athletics.

However, Football is the most popular of all sport types in Ghana. For this reason, Football sites like Tribal Football seem to dominate the list of top sports websites in the country. Also, many Ghanaians follow the sport regularly and loyally. Football in the country is regulated by the Ghana Football Association. This association manages the national men’s football team (Black Stars) and other national teams.

Ghana has participated in the FIFA World Cup thrice ( in 2006, 2010, and 2014). In 2010, the country became the third country in Africa to reach the World Cup's quarter-final. The national team has won the African Cup of Nations four times – 1963, 1965, 1978, and 1982.

Best sports news sites in Ghana

Due to Ghana’s love for football, sports news sites dedicated to it dominate the space. However, there are also some general sports news sites. You can find the top 5 sports news sites below:

1. Ghanasoccernet review and


This site was launched in December 2007. Since then, the news sites has grown so popular and has spread its services throughout Ghana and beyond. As the name suggests, it deals mainly with football news and provides news on some other sports.

It has thousands of visits from Ghanaians daily as it breaks the football news as they come. It covers news on different popular clubs around the world and different leagues. It also has different segments covering news surrounding football activities in Ghana, especially the Ghana Premier League. You will also find news concerning Ghana’s football players in the country and outside the country.

Then, it covers news on different African football competitions, including the African Cup of All Nations and Orange Africa Cup of Nations. There’s so much more to get on the site.

· Simple site with easy navigation
· Covers local Ghanaian sports
· Regular updates of football matches

· Covers only football news mainly

2. Tribal Football

Tribal Football Review is another Ghanaian site fully dedicated to football. It is arguably the sports news site with the largest visits from Ghana and around Africa. The site covers everything that has to do with football and keeps football fans updated regularly.

It covers news from top leagues like the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, BundlesLiga, English Championship, etc. It also has different pages dedicated to news about different football clubs around the world. There’s almost no event concerning any football club that Tribal Football does not cover. It also covers transfer rumors, transfer news, league fixtures, and more.

Apart from club games and events, Tribal Football also follows country based events like the World Cup, African Nations Cup, and others. Then, it also features an opinion section where writers make submissions on events surrounding football. The opinion section serves as a discussion forum for football fans and users of the site.

· Covers a wide range of football leagues and competitions
· Fast updates on football league fixtures, transfer news, etc.
· Simple site with easy navigation
· Has a free Duta WhatsApp channel

· Deals mainly on football


Football Ghana Review

This is another large sports news site that is more dedicated to football. It has grown so large with so many readers from across the nation. It operates in a similar style as GhanaSoccer and provides many updates about sports from around the world.

The site is known for its exclusive news, which covers the local activities and activities about players abroad. It features transfer rumors, gossips and gives a wide coverage for all the national teams and domestic leagues.

· Wide coverage for Ghanaian football events
· Offers live scores of ongoing events
· Simple site with easy navigation

· Covers only football news


Sport Afric Screenshot and review

Looking for a sports news site that covers almost all sporting events? Sports Afric is one of the Ghanaian sites that do that. It covers football, tennis, boxing, cycling, athletics, NBA, weightlifting, and many others. Sports news of all types is updated regularly to give fans enough information.

It also has a wide coverage of local Ghanaian sports. Each section contains different aspects of particular sports. For example, the football section on the site gives details about Ghana Premier League, Teams, Standings, Scores & Fixtures, etc. The football section also covers news on the Wolrd Cup and other international games.

· Offers news on a wide range of sports
· Covers local Ghanaian sports
· Offers football live scores

· Site homepage seems a bit crowded


CitiSportsonline Review


This website covers more of foreign sports and also little on the Ghana Premier League. Although most of the news it covers involves football, it also covers a few other sports. It has a wide range of readership like the other sites.

· Offers football live scores
· Covers a bit of Ghanaian content
· Regular updates on World football

· Covers more on football and only little on other sports.

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