Understanding the Differences Between Sports Betting and Casino Gambling

| 30.07.2020
Understanding the Differences Between Sports Betting and Casino Gambling

The Main Differences Between Sports Betting and Casino Gambling

To some, gambling is gambling. They don’t really nitpick or bother with seeing the difference between one form or another. However, it is important to understand that there are big differences between sports betting and casino gambling. This is important because one form is quite appealing to one group of people, while the other is more enticing. It is true that some will play both, but most people prefer one form over another.

As mentioned, it is those differences between the two that is important to understanding why a person plays one over the other. With that in mind, here are some of the major differences between sports betting and casino gambling.

The House Edge

Let’s start with the most obvious. At a casino, the house has the edge. The casino you are using, whether it is online or a physical location, has created the conditions that give it a sizable advantage over the players.

Therefore, casinos are in business and are quite profitable. They know they only need to pay out just enough money to keep people interested. Thus, the casino can earn literally millions and millions of dollars a day because they have a clear advantage.

There is no obvious advantage for the sportsbook in sports betting. They can set odds that may be more difficult for a person to win, but that will only mean that the person placing the wager will choose the other team or player in the game. In other words, in sports betting, the bookmakers cannot stack the deck in their favor.

Sports Betting Is All about Odds

Sport betting win guy with football and money

Another major difference between the two is that sports betting is all about the odds. The sportsbook is providing odds and lines on who will win, by how much, and what is the total amount that will be scored or produced.

It is true that there are odds when you play on a slot machine or are at a poker table, but your ability to choose one slot machine over another based upon the odds is limited. It is unlikely that you even know what those odds are. That is not true in sports betting where everything is visible to you.

Knowledge Makes All the Difference

This is quite possibly the biggest difference between sports betting and casino gambling. You can do an incredible amount of research on a slot machine, and that will not help you whatsoever to win on that machine. However, you can do a great deal of research on today’s football match, and that could give you a sizable advantage in choosing your wager.

You find that you can do a great deal of work on your own to improve your odds when you are betting on sports. This is made possible because there is so much information available. Not only do bookmaker websites offer you a lot of information, but there are bloggers and analysts writing countless articles on just about any contest you could imagine. You can clearly turn the tables in your favor through your willingness to do some research.

The Variation of Bets

One other major difference between the two is the different types of bets available in sports betting. If you are watching a football game, you are likely able to place several wagers that go well beyond the score of the game. Besides being able to choose who will win, by how much, and the total amounts of points scored, you can make bets on how many points a particular player will have, who will foul out of the game, and how many rebounds a team will record.

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In casino gambling, these kinds of options are not available to you. While you can increase the number of pay lines on a slot machine, you can’t pick how many queens might come up or whether you will receive 20 kings in the next eight spins. Your ability to place wagers is greatly limited, something that is not true in the sports betting world.

As you can see, there are some sizable differences between sports betting and casino gambling. While both are enjoyable and can be quite addictive, they each lure their own type of customer based upon what they offer to the customer.

For those who are not having success at one of these two types of gambling, it may be time to look at what it is that is enticing you to play. What you may find is that the very thing that is interesting you about the sport is actually leading you to fail. You may not be doing the proper research in sports, costing you, for example. It’s at least something to look at.

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