A Complete Guide to Football Predictions. Chapter 6 - VIP Predictions, Sure Bets and Fixed Matches

| 13.07.2020
A Complete Guide to Football Predictions. Chapter 6 - VIP Predictions, Sure Bets and Fixed Matches

Be Careful - Football Betting Scam is Everywhere

One of the most frequent betting scams on Facebook or Twitter is the fixed football match scam. Many accounts will offer you ‘VIP Predictions’ and ‘Sure Bets’ on football matches that they claim to know are rigged. If you know how the fixed scam match works, they are easy to spot. However, if you don’t, then this article will hopefully help you from losing money to it in the future!

The scam begins with the conman posting on his Twitter account or Facebook page that he has inside information on a fixed match and asking people to message him for the details. Normally they will invite you to join a WhatsApp or Telegram group to receive the information. They will also post photos of earlier winning bets to give the illusion that their information is genuine.

Below are some examples of the type of messages that they will send out.

telegram football betting scam screenshot


The scam works by the conman selecting a specific match and saying that he knows that the half-time/full-time result is rigged. This specific market is on what the half-time result will be and what the full-time result will be. For example, Draw-Norwich means that at half time the match will be a draw, and at full-time Norwich will have won the game.
As you can see from the odds image, there are only nine possible outcomes for this market, and in the match shown, the shortest odds available are 9/4, and the largest odds available are 33/1.

telegram football betting scam screenshot

The conman will offer this first bet for free with you only having to pay once your bet wins. This means that he ends up with a lot of people interested in the match, all wanting the free information. As an example, let us say that he has 900 people wanting the information. The scam artist will then send out each of the nine possible outcomes to 100 different punters (900 in total). This means that no matter what happens in the match, 100 people will have won and believe that the match was fixed and that the information was correct. Of course, 800 people did not win, but they are swiftly deleted or blocked from any group or page.

The scammer will then ask the 100 ‘winners’ to send him money as payment for the information and screenshots of their winning bet slips so he can use them to promote his success. The cycle then continues with these 100 people now willing to pay a lot of money to receive more information. If these 100 people all offered to pay the scammer £100 for information on the next match, he would receive £10,000!

As you can see, this is a simple but effective fraud. Thankfully, most punters can recognize this scam straight away, but sadly, they do fall for it.

The Safest Option

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A Complete Guide to Football Predictions

telegram football betting scam screenshot

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Chapter 1 - Football Prediction Basics

Chapter 2 - A Concept of a Value Bet

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Chapter 4 - What Leagues To Bet On

Chapter 5 - Choosing The Right Bookmaker

Chapter 7 - Recommended Football Prediction Websites

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