6 Most Common Betting Mistakes Bookies Want You to Make

| 01.01.2021
6 Most Common Betting Mistakes Bookies Want You to Make

There is no sense in sugar-coating it. While you may like football or horse racing, the reason you are gambling on sports is that you want to win. You want to prove you are better at picking the winners of games because it can earn you money. That is the ultimate goal.

Of course, your local bookie or sportsbook is hoping you make the wrong choice. They are in it to see you lose because then they become a winner. You want to win, and helpful strategies can assist you in doing so.

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1. Being Smart to Help You Win

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Before getting too deep into the article, I am going, to be honest with you. You are going to make mistakes. You are going to make wrong bets from time to time, actually quite often. You are going to lose money.

These are all inevitable. They are things you must face, or it will be hard to recover when you lose. However, just because you are going to fail at times doesn’t mean you need to make it so that you absolutely will lose. You can make smart decisions and avoid inevitable mistakes to ensure that you are more likely to be a winner. Here are five you definitely want to avoid.

2. Having Unrealistic Expectations

I just discussed this briefly, but I want to make this point clear. You are not going to win all the time. If you think you are, you are either fooling yourself or lying to yourself. Neither one of these is good for you.
The best gamblers on the planet lose. They often lose. Even the very best are right, only about 60% or 65% of the time. What that tells you is that you are going to make wrong bets, and you are going to lose. By being realistic, you become more intelligent about the types of bets you are placing and how to properly manage your account.

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3. Going for the Bookie Offers

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One of the most common mistakes surrounds the bookie offers. The offer coincides with a specific bet you can make. If you win, you win big. However, the reason that the offer is being made in the first place is that it is an almost certain loser. It sounds great, but it's not.

Consider that the bookie is happy to lead you to a bet that is going to make you lose more money. This can occur by offering great bonuses, gifts, or odds for those betting on a match or event. The gambler is influenced by the prize, not paying attention to the fact that this is simply not a good wager.

4. Letting Passion Be Your Guide

There is no doubt that all of us do this at some point in time. It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about the girl you shouldn’t be dating or the bet you shouldn’t be making. We all let our passions get in the way.

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While it is understandable, it is not acceptable. If you were going to be successful as a gambler, you must put aside your passions for a particular team or sport. This starts by acknowledging who your favorite or least favorite teams and players are and avoiding those contests outright. For example, if you absolutely loathe Manchester United, then you should not be betting on them. The truth is that you were going to let your passions influence your decision.

5. Going with the Flow

A lot of gamblers don’t pay very much attention to the amount they are wagering. They figure that they lose a few hundred dollars a month, so what is the big deal? The big deal is that often the amount of money that is lost far exceeds what they thought. It is very much like a person who is a drug user or alcoholic who quickly discovers that they were spending a ridiculous amount of money on drugs.

To ensure that you are not letting this become a big problem, you need to keep accurate records of the amount of money you are spending. Track the bets you make and record wins and losses. See how well you are doing. This will help you avoid financial ruin, but it can also be a helpful resource for future wagers.

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6. Chasing Losers

If you want to know what separates the good gambler from the bad ones, it is this. Bad gamblers chase losers. They figure that they simply have a bad run, and all it takes is to hit a big one to turn things around. This is going to lead you to financial ruin. If you are not doing well, it is time to walk away, at least for a time.

You must avoid these mistakes. They can be critical in ruining you financially. Plus, they are just stupid things to do.

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