PremierBet is taking Ghana by storm - Best Bonuses and Promotions for 2020

| 12.07.2020
PremierBet is taking Ghana by storm - Best Bonuses and Promotions for 2020

There is an ever-growing number of websites offering consumers the ability to bet on games and sporting events in Ghana. One has rapidly grown to become the very best and most trusted. That is PremierBet.

Who Is Premier Bet?

If you are unfamiliar with PremierBet, then maybe a little education is in order. The site has risen to become one of the top sports betting companies in Ghana, not only allowing consumers to bet on contests within the country but also on surrounding events.

The largest draw for fans has been football betting, where customers can bet on full-time results, halftime results, the number of goals scored, and much more. They also allow customers to place prop bets on events.
PremierBet is available to consumers through a computer or mobile device. Not only do they offer live in-play betting on games, but virtual football as well. Customers can bet directly online or visit one of the game centers around the country.

Premier Bet Ghana Screenshot

A Local Company

In terms of local sportsbooks, PremierBet is one of the top two in terms of user experience. They are frequently praised by customers for the ease of use, the odds offered, and the overall betting experience. Even when pitted against international companies, PremierBet is still highly ranked. It’s why even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the company was still thriving and continues to offer the citizens of Ghana a great location for betting on sports.

So, What Do They Have to Offer?

That all sounds good, but how does one know this company really provides a great experience? Well, it starts with the look of their site. The user interface provides a look that is quite appealing to people in Ghana. The green background fits in well with the national colors and makes for the perfect backdrop for the content.

The menu bar makes it easy to navigate. There is no difficulty in figuring out how to get to information, odds, or events. The same is true on the mobile version. It is easy to navigate and fits well within a handheld device. The ease of use is as smooth as that it is like using a desktop, and there are easy to locate buttons that enable you to cash out and place wagers with a couple of clicks.

Daily Odds and Rewards

I like that the odds are continuously updated. You get up to the moment odds and information provided, helping to provide you with the best possible chance to win. Because these odds affect the payout amount, a site must offer the best possible value. There is no doubt that PremierBet has set itself apart in this way. Not only do you receive outstanding odds on such sporting events as basketball, football, handball, boxing, and tennis, but they also provide odds on cybersports.

Premier Bet Mega bonus

However, there are a few other promotions and bonuses that are available. Besides the odds boost and the accumulator percentage increase that are offered, players can receive perks from being members of the loyalty club. These enable you to receive promotional codes based upon the amount you bet each week. Rewards include a cashback program that enables you to place free bets and an overall football jackpot that is offered during the season. This accumulates each week, allowing you the opportunity to win a substantial jackpot.

A Place You Can Trust

It’s not always easy to figure out what sites you can trust. You will not have any issues with PremierBet. Not only do they offer you several ways to be able to deposit funds, but withdrawing from your account is easy as well. Plus, the security offered for the site is exceptional.

I also greatly appreciated the customer service experience. This was one area where the company really stood out. Not only are they available 24 hours a day, but there are toll-free numbers for you to contact, ensuring that you don’t have to pay for extended calls.

The one area where they fall short at times is in their email responses. Because of the 24-hour phone service, they don’t pay as much attention to email responses. That was a bit disappointing. You can also expect that the live chat may be off-line during certain hours of the day.

Overall, however, PremierBet is a great site you can depend upon when searching for a reliable betting site that offers excellent odds and a great selection of sporting events to bet on. It is no wonder that many in Ghana have turned to it to place bets on sports. Make sure to check out this website and get in on the betting action.

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