A Complete Guide to Football Predictions. Chapter 3 - How Football Predictions Are Produced

Chapter 3 - How Football Predictions Are Produced - What You Need to Know in 2020 

| 12.07.2020
A Complete Guide to Football Predictions. Chapter 3 - How Football Predictions Are Produced

Tipsters And Experts

With the huge growth in social media in recent years, there are now a large number of sites and accounts across the internet offering football betting predictions and football betting tips. Many of them class themselves as 'betting experts' and 'football tipsters.' They promote any recent winning selections but fail to provide evidence of consistent long-term profit. When selecting a prediction, they will spend a short amount of time selecting it and fail to properly analyze the vast amount of data that is available.

Their aim for their football predictions is very much is quantity over quality. They will look to offer a large amount of selections on a large amount of football matches in the hope that they land some winning predictions that they can then promote. They will fail to mention all the losing selections they also had, which led to an overall loss.

The majority of these betting experts and football tipsters offer a subscription fee for their predictions and tips, so they bank a profit whether their predictions win or not. However, their followers end up paying a subscription fee for poor quality losing predictions. Hence, their bank balance takes a double hit. Accounts and sites like these should be AVOIDED at all costs, as long-term, you will lose far more than you ever win!

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The Professional Approach

In recent years, football prediction sites have been developed, focusing on data analysis and looking to provide a winning and profitable football betting predictions. Finding a good and reputable football prediction site can greatly enhance your chances of placing winning football bets. It's worth doing your research to make sure you select a reputable one.

The best football prediction sites utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze all available big data sets through mathematical formulas and algorithms.

One such formula used for football predictions is the Poisson Formula

One such formula used for football predictions is the Poisson Formula, in which there is an example of below.
As you can see, this is a highly complex formula requiring a huge mathematical and statistical knowledge level and would take a long time for you to calculate yourself!

Vast amounts of data are also collected for football predictions, ranging from a player's age to his stats across a large number of matches. Team and league stats are also studied to look for trends and patterns. An example of such data can be seen below.

football predictions table

Football prediction sites do the hard work for you, though, utilizing their expertise and know-how to analyze these big data sets and calculate formulas and algorithms such as the Poisson Formula. After analyzing, they can accurately predict the probability of an outcome for a specific football betting market. They then publish them on their website, allowing you to access them all for free and place a bet in just one simple click!

The Tools Required

With such large data sets and complex algorithms to run, football prediction sites have to invest a large amount of money in hardware and software, plus expert and knowledgeable staff. Live and accurate football data is collected via API connections, alongside live betting data from bookmakers around the world. High-end computer systems then manage and analyze this vast amount of data and also run the complex mathematical calculations and algorithms required.

Computer code is written and developed to then analyze the formulas and produce accurate football predictions. These predictions are then simplified and posted on the prediction site for free allowing free access for all.

Football Prediction Sites

As mentioned, the best football prediction sites do all the hard work. They then offer you free access to their carefully selected football predictions. A trusted football prediction site such as, aims to provide thoroughly analyzed predictions, utilizing mathematical formulas and algorithms to select our football betting tips. We guarantee that all our football predictions are carefully analyzed. We only post tips that have an excellent chance of winning. This means that somedays, there may only be a handful of predictions posted, unlike some sites who post multiple selections a day in the hope of landing a lucky winner.

Unlike other sites on the internet who ask for a subscription fee, all our selections are FREE as we make our money from backing our own selections. This means that it is in our own interest to make sure that all our selections are well researched and have a high chance of winning!

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A Complete Guide to Football Predictions

A Complete Guide to Football Predictions

Chapter 0 - Football Betting Guide and Best Practices

Chapter 1 - Football Prediction Basics

Chapter 2 - A Concept of a Value Bet

Chapter 4 - What Leagues To Bet On

Chapter 5 - Choosing The Right Bookmaker

Chapter 6 - VIP Predictions, Sure Bets and Fixed Matches

Chapter 7 - Recommended Football Prediction Websites

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