A Complete Guide to Football Predictions. Chapter 2 - A Concept of a Value Bet

| 12.07.2020
A Complete Guide to Football Predictions. Chapter 2 - A Concept of a Value Bet

What is a Value Bet?

Typing ‘value bet’ into Google will bring hundreds of pages of differing terms and definitions plus many sites offering value bets if you subscribe to their services.

Our definition and vision of a Value Bet is as follows;

‘the predicted probability of a certain bet is higher than the odds that bookmakers offer are suggesting at a given moment in time’

In more basic terms, it means that our algorithm has calculated that the probability of a specific market winning is greater than the bookmaker odds are suggesting currently. This is a Value Bet, and here at, we call them BANKER BETS!

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For example, let us say that the bookmakers are offering odds of 6/4 (2.50) for Arsenal to beat Chelsea in an upcoming match in the English Premier League. By offering those odds, the bookmakers believe that Arsenal have a 40% chance of beating Chelsea and winning the match. However, our algorithm has shown that Arsenal actually has a 60% chance of winning the match, so backing Arsenal to beat Chelsea and win the match at 6/4 (2.50) would be a strong Value Bet for us!

Being able to constantly and accurately identify Value Bets is a highly sought after commodity. Here at, we are one of the leading accurate football prediction websites on the internet, and of course, all for free!

How do you find a Value Bet?

As indicated, the basis of a value bet is to predict where the chances of a specific occurrence happening, for example, Arsenal winning, is greater than what the odds are suggesting on the bookmakers site.

Regularly, bookmakers will offer high odds on a market that will see many customers placing a bet on that market. When the bookmaker identifies that this is happening, they will then make the price shorter, ending the value that was in the bet. The 30 minutes before kick-off in a match is the busiest time for placing bets, and it is a battle between the bookmakers and customers searching for the best value.

Girl win football bet

With so many football matches around the world to bet on and so many betting markets to choose from, searching for and identifying Value Bets requires a great skill, including advanced mathematical and technical knowledge. Aside from this, it can also take a huge amount of valuable time and effort.

The best way to find Value Bets is to let football prediction websites such as do the hard work for you!

We identify and locate our Value Bets by data analysis, utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence to best highlight what bets have the highest probability of landing. We monitor hundreds of markets worldwide in real-time via API connections to all the leading bookmakers allowing us to quickly identify and highlight our Value Bets. We then post them on our website, allowing our followers to quickly and efficiently back them.

How to back a Value Bet?

As mentioned, here at, our carefully selected Value Bets are called Banker Bets, and we identify them using real-time data analysis using our probability algorithm.

Banker Bet Ghana Tips Screenshot

A Banker Bet will be indicated on the site by a gold crown, such as in the example below, allowing you to quickly identify and bet them.

ghanatips banker bet screenshot

In the example shown, our algorithm has calculated that the probability of the away team Chelsea scoring less than 3.5 goals against West Ham is extremely high. Therefore, a Banker Bet is to place a wager on Chelsea scoring LESS than 3.5 goals in the match.

By clicking ‘Bet Now,’ our system automatically redirects you to the bookmaker from our specific list offering the highest odds for that particular market. You can then log into your account, place your Banker Bet, and then sit back and enjoy it.

Remember, though, the best odds available on our Banker Bet will not last forever. The bookmakers are continually monitoring their systems and will eventually align the odds back into their favor. Plus, many of our followers will also be backing out Banker Bet! So don’t delay, it’s important to bet any Banker Bet as soon as you can before the odds change, and you lose the value!

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A Complete Guide to Football Predictions

A Complete Guide to Football Predictions

Chapter 0 - Football Betting Guide and Best Practices

Chapter 1 - Football Prediction Basics

Chapter 3 - How Football Predictions Are Produced

Chapter 4 - What Leagues To Bet On

Chapter 5 - Choosing The Right Bookmaker

Chapter 6 - VIP Predictions, Sure Bets and Fixed Matches

Chapter 7 - Recommended Football Prediction Websites

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